Reasons for law
1 lesson
Syllabus Outcomes:
5.1 applies consumer, financial, business, legal and employment concepts and terminology in a variety of contexts
5.2 examines the role of law in society
Students learn about:
The Legal Framework
- Reasons for laws
Students Learn to:
- Explain the need for laws in society
- Examine the rules and regulations applied in schools and explain the similarities and differences with established laws in society
Indicators of learning – By the end of this lesson students will be able to...
- Define the terms law and anarchy
- Explain the three main roles of the law
- Student participation during class discussion
- Student responses to discussion board activity
Lesson Plan
10 mins – Introduction and YouTube clip
15 mins – Text review and questions
15 mins – Class discussion
10 mins – Discussion board activity
Test Page
Pg 70-71
Society has a set of rules that apply to everyone, these rules are called laws. Throughout this topic we will look at how laws form the glue for a cohesive society, and the mechanisms in place to address legal matters. As a class, lets first discuss what would happen if there were no laws and people could do whatever they liked.

Text Review:
Read pages 70 and 71 of your text and answer the following question using both the text and the internet. Your answers should be posted in either a word document of your workbook
1. Explain the term anarchy and identify any countries where anarchy exists today.
2. Create a mind map of reasons for laws with reference to
a. Protection
b. Freedom
c. Dispute resolution
3. Obtain a copy of your school rules. In groups of three or four, answer the following questions and be prepared to contribute to a class discussion.
a. Do you think the school rules are laws? Why?
b. Who makes these rules?
c. What might happen if these rules did not exist?
d. What happens if someone breaks the rules?
e. Are there too many or too few rules? Why?
f. What rules would you get rid of? Why?
g. What rules should be introduced? Why?
Discussion Board:
Please click on the Discussion Board button at the top of the page and post your thoughts on the question provided.

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