The legal system
1 lesson
Syllabus Outcomes:
5.1 researches and assesses commercial and legal information using a variety of sources
5.8 explains commercial and legal information using a variety of forms
5.10 works independently and collaboratively to meet individual and collective goals within specified timelines
Students learn about:
The Legal Framework
- The legal system
Students Learn to:
- explain how rules, institutions and professional people contribute to the operation of the legal system
- assess how laws empower individuals and groups in our society
Indicators of learning – By the end of this lesson students will be able to...
- Students are able to name and explain the functions of people and institutions that make up the Australian legal system
- Student participation during class discussion
- Student PowerPoint presentations
Lesson Plan
5 mins – Instructions for group work
35 mins -Group work
10 mins - Group work debrief and class discussion
Test Page
Pg 72-73
The Task:
The law exists so that we may seek solutions to the problems that we have. There are a number of people and institutions that make up the legal system in Australia. This lesson will involve students working in pairs to create a PowerPoint presentation about these different people and institutions. The PowerPoint should consist of at least eight slides (one will be a title slide ‘The Legal System’) and include information on the following external image powerpoint_presentation.png

1. The features of the Westminster System of Government
2. The concepts of a system with ‘separation of powers’
3. The powers of Parliament and politicians
4. The powers of the courts
5. The powers of the police
6. The role of legal advisers
7. The role of prisons (4 Corners Video 'Road to Freedom')

To complete this task you will have to undertake internet research and use pages 72 and 73 of your textbook. The following sites are recommended for your research

Class Discussion:
How does the Australian legal system empower individuals and groups in society?

external image 2010-09-30_-_legal_tantrum.gif