The role of court personnel
2 lessons
Syllabus Outcomes:
5.1 examines the role of law in society
5.9 works independently and collaboratively to meet individual and collective goals within specified timelines
5.2 researches and assesses commercial and legal information using a variety of sources
Students learn about:
- court structure
Students Learn to:
- graphically represent the structure of court hierarchy and explain the role of court personnel
Indicators of learning – By the end of this lesson students will be able to...
- List and identify the responsibilities of court personnel
- Prepare a debate on a given topic
- Student participation during class debate
- Students completed work
- Students responses to discussion board activity
Lesson Plan
5 mins – Introduction
15 mins – Text review and questions
10 mins – Briefing on team teaching exercise
15 mins – Students research three advantages and three disadvantages of adversarial system
20 mins – Students are broken into groups to prepare for discussion
20 mins – Group discussions
10 mins – Class creates a table of advantages and disadvantages of adversary system
10 mins - Discussion board activity
Text Page
Pg 76-77
Glossary of terms:
Define the following in your glossary of terms in the back of your workbook
- Adversarial system
As we have looked at the structure of the court hierarchy we now will look in depth at the way in which the court operates when an accused person goes to court. The court is made up of a number of personnel, all with different roles.
external image courtrm.gif
Text Review:
Read pages 76-77 of your text and complete the following activities in your workbook.
1. List the main courtroom officials and briefly outline their responsibility
2. Explain the difference between
a. A magistrate and a judge
b. Defendant and a plaintiff
c. Prosecution and the counsel for the defence

Clickview Video:
The Adversary System - 21 mins

Team Teaching Exercise/Cass Discussion:
This part of the lesson will see the class split into two groups, for homework last night I asked you to research either the advantages or the disadvantages of the adversary system. The part of the lesson is going to be divided into three different sections
1. You will have one teacher quiz you based on the clickview video that has been viewed (10-15 mins).
2. You will be given time to discuss with your team the side of the discussion you were asked to research for homework and choose your three best arguments (10 mins)
3. With the second teacher in your room as the referee you will discuss your point of view with your grup as a whole (10-15 mins).
Mock trial:
As a class we will hold a mock trial using the briefing packets below as the basis for our trial. This will take place a little bit later in the term so that I have time to properly organise it.

Discussion Board:
Please click on the Discussion Board button at the op of this page and post your thoughts on the question provided.