The relationship of laws to values morals and ethics.
1 lesson
Syllabus Outcomes:
5.1 analyses the rights and responsibilities of individuals in a range of consumer, financial, business, legal and employment contexts
5.2 examines the role of law in society
5.3 evaluates options for solving commercial and legal problems and issues
Students learn about:
- the relationship of laws to values, morals and ethics
Students Learn to:
- critically assess whether laws reflect the values of our society
Indicators of learning – By the end of this lesson students will be able to...
- distinguish between a moral, value and ethic
- explain the religious, ethical and moral influences on law
- Apply a decision making model to an ethical dilemma
- Student participation during class discussion
- Students completed work
Lesson Plan
5 mins – Introduction
15 mins – text review and response
15 mins – Internet research activity
15 mins – Ethical decision making
Text Page
Pg 88-89
Glossary of Terms:
Define the following in your glossary of terms in the back of your workbook
- Value
- Morality
- Ethic
Laws are created to reflect actions or deeds that a certain group of people believes to be right or wrong. This lesson will examine the moral and ethical dimensions of laws and the changing nature of law to remain relevant with society.
Examine the Ten Commandments below and discuss as a class how moral and religious rules influence society’s laws.

external image TheTenCommandments.jpg

Text Review:
Read pages 88 and 89 of your text. In your workbook explain (using examples) why it is difficult to create laws that reflect all of societies values (6-8 lines).
Internet Research Activity:
Research the laws of a non-Western country. Compare and contrast Australia’s laws with the laws of this non-western country
Ethical Decision Making:
Define the following in your workbookexternal image ETHICS.jpg
- Deontology
- Consequentialism
- Utilitarianism

Click on the link below and choose one of the ethical dilemmas posed. Read the scenario and apply the four ethical questions (listed below) to you, and then discuss them with a partner.
The four ethical questions are
- What are the issues?
- Who are the stakeholders?
- What should you do?
- What would you do?