Structure of Government
2 1/2 lessons
Syllabus Outcomes:
5.7 researches and assesses commercial and legal information using a variety of sources
5.8 explains commercial and legal information using a variety of forms
Students learn about:
Structure of government
- Federal, state and local
- Levels of government responsibility
Students Learn to:
– describe the roles and responsibilities of the various levels of government
Indicators of learning – By the end of this lesson students will be able to...
- Identify the three levels of government and explain the responsibilities of each
- Identify current government representatives
- Student participation in class discussion
- Students completed work
- Students completed letter to government representative
Lesson Plan
15 mins – Introduction
15 mins – Text review
15 mins – Internet research activity
5 mins – ‘Who’s responsibility’ handout
15 mins – ‘Australia’s political leaders’ handout
25 mins – Writing activity
20 mins - Clickview Video
5 mins – lesson summary
Text Page
Pg 220 - 221
Glossary of Terms:
Define the following in your glossary of terms in the back of your workbook:
- Constitutional monarchy
- Collective wants
Over the course of this topic we will examine how the political process operates at various levels and how you as Australian citizens can be involved in these processes. This lesson we will look at how our government operates at three different levels and the responsibilities of each level of government.
Watch the ‘Question Time’ clip below and class discuss your understanding of the role of parliament.

Internet Research Activity:
Using the internet research the structure of the Australian government prior to 1901 and write a brief overview.
Text Review:
Read pages 220 to 221 of the text, copy out diagram ‘the three levels of government in Australia’ (pg221) and complete ‘Investigate’ questions 8, 9 and 10.
Class Handout:
Complete handout ‘Who’s responsibility?’ and ‘Australia’s political leaders’, provided by teacher and paste it into you workbook.
Writing Activity:
Choose one area of responsibility of either the Federal, State or Local government and compose a letter outlining a concern you have that you have and would like addressed by a political representative. Your letter should request a change and explain the reasons you believe this is important.
Remember to write your letter using the correct format and formal language. Use the internet to research your issue of choice and back your request with statistical data. Use the diagram on page 220 of your text to gain ideas for an issue or use a current issue being played out in the media which you wish to voice your opinion on.
Clickview Video:
Governing Australia: Our three levels of Government - 21 mins
Lesson Summary:

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