Decision making


1 1/2 lessons

Syllabus Outcomes:

5.2 analyses the rights and responsibilities of individuals in a range of consumer, financial, business, legal and employment contexts

5.4 analyses key factors affecting commercial and legal decisions

Students learn about:

organisations which make decisions that impact on the community

- government organisations

- businesses

- welfare organisations

- media

processes involved in decision-making

Students Learn to:

- identify the impact of decisions made by various organisations on different groups in the community

– discuss the influence of particular organisations in the community on different groups

– explain how governments make decisions

Indicators of learning – By the end of this lesson students will be able to...

- Identify certain organisations whose decision impact on the community

- Explain the issues that arise from the impacts of these decisions

- Show awareness of bias in the media

- Use a decision making model


- Students participation during class discussion

- Students completed work

Lesson Plan

5 mins – Introduction

20 mins – Internet research activity

15 mins – Text review and activities

30 mins – Media analysis

15 mins – Decision making model and class discussion

Text Page

Pg 224 - 227


When deciding on a course of action an organisation (be it government or non-government) needs to consider the impacts that this decision will have on the community as a whole. This lesson we will look at a decision making model and the factors which influence the decisions of the government, businesses, welfare organisations and the media.

Internet Research Activity:

As a class create a list dealing with current decisions and policies being put forward by the government (local, state or federal). Choose TWO of these decisions/policies and conduct further internet research (focus research on news articles and policy documents) and:

a) List the reasons for each decision

b) Identify the individuals/groups that will be affected by each decision

Text Review:

Read pages 224 to 227 of the text and complete ‘Activities’ 2 and 5.

Bias in the Media:

1. Media Watch

Click on the link below and watch the full Media Watch video ‘Episode 04 28/02/2011' and discuss the problems caused by biased media reporting.

2. News articles

Using the internet find a number of new articles from different sources e.g. SMH, Daily Telegraph, Herald Sun, etc. And look for evidence of bias.

Decision Making Process:

Copy out the five steps involved in the decision making process from page 227 of the text. Use these five steps to solve the following issues.

a) A small group of students would like school to commence at 7:30am. While there are advantages for some, others will find it difficult.

b) As the minister for social welfare you wish to increase spending on youth employment programs. However this will mean less money for pensions.

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