The role and function of political parties


1 lesson

Syllabus Outcomes:

5.7 researches and assesses commercial and legal information using a variety of sources

5.8 explains commercial and legal information using a variety of forms

5.9 works independently and collaboratively to meet individual and collective goals within specified timelines

Students learn about:

role and function of political parties

Students Learn to:

identify the major similarities and differences between political parties

Indicators of learning – By the end of this lesson students will be able to...

- Name at least five prominent Australian political parties

- Compare and contrasts the aims and values of the Australian Liberal Party and the Australian Labour Party

- Explain the term coalition and give an example of how it works


- Student participation during class discussion

- Students’ completed work

- Groups completed brochure

Lesson Plan

5 mins – Introduction

15 mins – Internet research activity

10 mins – Forming a coalition

20 mins – Group work

Text Page

Pg 230 - 231

Glossary of Terms:

Define the following in your glossary of terms in the back of your workbook:

- Political party


Political parties exist to promote their own ideas and encourage the voting public to share these ideas and attempt to make them a reality. This lesson we will look at the role of political parties in Australia and some of the platforms of these political parties.

As a class create a list of the political parties that you know of that exist in Australia.

Internet Research Activity: external image parties.gif

Open the word document below and complete the table contrasting the mains aims of these prominent Australian political parties.

Forming a Coalition:

Answer the following questions by reading pages 230 and 231 of the text OR by undertaking internet research.

1. What does ‘forming a coalition mean? Give an example.

2. Historically which political parties have formed a coalition government? Why do you think this is so?

Group Work:

In groups of 2 – 3 discuss what your aims would be for Australia if you were to form a political party and create a brochure advertising the party. In your brochure be sure to include the party name, logo and slogan, the platforms for which you stand and why they are important.