Types of employment contract
2 lessons
Syllabus Outcomes:
5.1 analyses the rights and responsibilities of individuals in a range of consumer, financial, business, legal and employment contexts
5.2 examines the role of law in society
5.7 researches and assesses commercial and legal information using a variety of sources
Students learn about:
types of employment contracts
- awards, enterprise agreements
- individual workplace agreements, common law contracts
rights and entitlements of casual, part-time and full-time employment
Students Learn to:
- use the internet to investigate the types of employment contracts
- discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each type of employment contract
- research the employment conditions of casual, part-time, full-time employees and contractors
Text Page
110 - 113
Glossary of Terms:
Define the following in your glossary of terms in the back of your workbook.
external image 419Apex%20employment%20contract.jpg
- Employment contract
- Award
- Enterprise agreement
When you begin a job both you and your employer enter into a contract. This lesson we will examine the different types of contracts which you are able to enter into and the rights and entitlements associated with different types of employment.
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