Welcome Year 10

This page has been set up as a class website to use throughout the year. All lessons, activities, links, etc, will be placed on this site, as well as any other useful resources that we find to help us gain a better understanding of the content of the course.

Commerce is concerned with helping us as consumers navigate the many consumer, financial, legal, business and employment decisions that we face on a daily basis. The Year 10 Commerce course continues what you started in Year 9 and further builds your understanding of the commercial world. The structure of the Year 10 Commerce course consists of the following topics that will be spread across the year.external image e-commerce.jpg
Topic 1 – Law and Society (CORE)
Topic 2 – Political Involvement
Topic 3 – Promoting and Selling
Topic 4 – Employment Issues (CORE)
Topic 5 – Running a Business
There are a number of key points that need to be addressed and discussed as a class before we begin; these are my expectations of you as students.
At the start of the lesson:
It is your responsibility to get to class on time. Students should line up quietly in two straight lines outside the classroom while waiting for the teacher and must forward in quietly when instructed. Students who arrive late will have it noted in their diaries.
You must be well organized and bring your correct materials to class. Having to borrow from others can be disruptive.
Asking questions:
You are required to listen quietly in class, participate in class discussions and follow the teacher’s instructions. If there is something you are unsure of don’t be afraid to ask! If you leave your questions unanswered you may not understand vital information. Ask questions by raising your hand and waiting for the teacher to acknowledge you. DO NOT call out across the room or ask another student for assistance.
Homework is essential to success and must be completed by the due date. If there is a part of the homework that you do not understand, you must attempt it and ask the teacher for assistance next lesson. Written work must always be presented neatly in your exercise books or on the worksheets provided. Written answers must be presented in full sentences. Homework will be given regularly. Sanctions will occur if homework is not completed on three (3) or more occasions. If you are not able to complete your homework, you will need to bring a note from home explaining why and you will be given until next lesson to complete it.
Exercise books:
Treat exercise books with care. Rule a margin with a red pen and write in either a blue or black pen. Always start a new topic of work on a new page. Each separate activity should be ruled off with the relevant heading and/or subheading and correct date. Liquid paper is not to be used under any circumstances. All handouts are to be stuck in and any booklets issued are to be kept in good condition.
Students are expected to comply with the school’s acceptable use policy.
Classroom behavior:
Always sit with the four legs of your chair on the ground. Swinging back on a chair is extremely dangerous. Any student who does this continually will be standing up for the remainder of the period.
Do not throw any objects around the room. This too is dangerous. Students who do this may be issued with a detention.
Do not leave your seat unless you have been given permission to do so. Students who leave their seats can be a disruptive influence within the classroom.
Class Wikispace:
Each lesson a new page will be added outlining what we will complete in the lesson - this may involve reading, watching videos, looking at case studies, etc.
Some lessons may require you to post a short reflection into the ‘discussion board’ for that lesson, I will post a question and the answer that you will be required to give may possibly require you to provide an opinion or judgement. EVERY STUDENT IS EXPECTED TO POST A COMMENT FOR EACH TOPIC. FAILURE TO DO THIS IS CONSIDERED THE SAME AS NOT COMPLETETING HOMEWORK.
Important: I understand that there may be some iitial teething problems so please bear with me as we work through them and please feel free to ask me any questions you may have regarding the approach to this topic.

Are there any questions before we begin?

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